Hardwood flooring is always popular

Discover the elegance, durability, and warmth that hardwood flooring brings to any space. A beloved choice for centuries, hardwood not only stands as a testament to nature's beauty but also as a reflection of your personal style. Whether you're renovating, remodeling, or building from the ground up, hardwood flooring is the cornerstone of timeless design.

What is solid wood flooring?

Solid wood flooring is exactly what its name implies - solid pieces of wood from top to bottom. Typically milled from a single 3/4" thick piece of hardwood, solid wood floors are synonymous with quality and longevity. The characteristics of solid hardwood flooring include the following:

  1. Natural grain and texture: Each plank has its unique grain, knots, and characteristics, ensuring no two floors are alike.
  2. Refinishing capability: As solid wood is typically thicker, it can be sanded and refinished multiple times, extending its life for decades.
  3. Warmth and acoustics: Solid wood naturally insulates and provides excellent sound absorption.

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What is engineered wood flooring?

Engineered wood flooring is a multi-layer product, with a thin layer of natural wood on top, bonded to multiple layers of cross-laid ply below. It offers the appearance of solid wood but with enhanced stability. The characteristics of engineered hardwood flooring include the following:

  1. Adaptability: Engineered wood floors can be installed in areas where solid wood might not be suitable, like basements or over radiant heating systems.
  2. Stability: The cross-layer construction means they're less prone to changes caused by temperature and humidity, reducing warping or cupping.
  3. Variety: Available in a myriad of species, stains, and finishes, engineered wood provides design flexibility.

Benefits of wood floors

  1. Timeless beauty: With its natural grains, shades, and textures, hardwood flooring adds an unparalleled touch of elegance to any room.
  2. Durability: With proper care, wood floors can last a lifetime and even become more beautiful with age.
  3. Increased home value: Homes with hardwood flooring often have higher resale values than those with other types of flooring.
  4. Health and allergy benefits: Hardwood doesn't trap dust, pollen, or other allergens, making it a healthier choice for those with allergies.
  5. Sustainability: Many hardwood floors come from sustainable sources. You can be kind to the Earth and your home simultaneously.
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With an array of options from solid to engineered wood and numerous benefits from aesthetics to health, hardwood flooring remains a top choice for homeowners looking for both practicality and prestige. Invest in hardwood, and you invest in a legacy of beauty and value that stands the test of time.

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